Maryland Heights Peregrine Falcon Closure 2017

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Peregrine Falcons have again returned to Maryland Heights. These birds of prey were once endangered, and while their numbers have increased, they still need our support for successful breeding seasons at cliffs across the country.

Effective Feb 17, 2017 a portion of the Maryland Heights cliff face and cliff top at Harpers Ferry National Historical Park is closed to visitors in order to “protect the nesting birds from inadvertent disturbance or harassment.” The closure includes a large section of the cliff top frequented by hikers and all of the climbing routes located on the Gully, Sign Wall and ABC Ramp areas. All other routes in HFNHP remain open.

Md-Heights-Closure 2017


This closure is expected to be in place until mid August. ¬†For more information visit Harper’s Ferry NPS state of the park page. We will update this post with updates.