Ellicott City Flood Affects Climbing at Patapsco State Park

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Update 11/20/16:  Friction Wall is open thanks to the efforts of climbers and the park.

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On July 31st, Ellicott City was devastated by a severe flash flood.

Patapsco State Park has closed the Avalon Section of the park until further notice due to unsafe conditions (including sewage leaks) and to allow the park staff to deal with the severe damage.

friction storm 2

Of particular note for the climbing community, Friction Wall has several downed trees at the base of the cliff as well as trees hanging off of the cliff top edge. While Friction Wall is not in the Avalon Section of the park, we are asking that climbers do not climb at Friction Wall for the time being. Mid Atlantic Climbers is working with the park to see how the climbing community can assist with recovery efforts at Friction Wall and throughout the park. We’ll keep you posted.Friction storm1

If you are interested in volunteering to help with recovery efforts in Ellicott City, please visit the Howard County #ECStrong Website.

Friction strom 4