Harpers Ferry/Maryland Heights Peregrine Falcon Closure 2016

Effective March 1st, 2016

A temporary and partial closure is in effect for Maryland Heights to protect nesting peregrine falcons. All climbing routes on the Gully, the Sign Wall and the ABC Ramps are closed. A portion of the top of the cliff above these walls (accessible by hikers) is also closed to visitors.

This temporary closure does not affect routes on other parts of Maryland Heights (Union Walls, Train Tunnel Wall, Confederate Walls, etc), or other nearby outcrops Skink Rock, Balcony, or Balcony Jr. There are still other routes to climb in the park during this time.


From the Harpers Ferry National Historic Park site:

To protect the nesting birds from inadvertent disturbance or harassment, areas in and around the cliff face of Maryland Heights will be closed effective March 1. The areas will be closed to all visitor use, including climbing activities, along the cliff face area.


These areas will remain closed until approximately five weeks after the chicks take their first flights, or fledge, from their nests. The re-opening of these areas is expected around mid-August.

Please help spread the word and encourage others to respect this and other park regulations.

Mid Atlantic Climbers will update this post with any new information.