Catoctin Mountain Park Access Update

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Wolf Rock, Catoctin Mountain Park. Photo credit NPS.
Wolf Rock, Catoctin Mountain Park. Photo credit NPS.

As reported last February, comments to the Catoctin Mountain Park Superintendent’s Compendium by Mid Atlantic Climbers and the Access Fund resulted in the beginning of a dialogue with park staff about the future of bouldering access. Since 2012, bouldering in the park has been effectively disallowed, as park rules have confined all climbing to only Wolf Rock, a small outcrop in the park. Mid Atlantic Climbers took action to address this closure in 2014.

Over the past year, Mid Atlantic Climbers and the Access Fund have had positive conversations with park staff and remain optimistic that we will be able to work together to reach a positive resolution for area climbers. As Mid Atlantic Climbers and the Access Fund continue to build a relationship with the park, we ask that the local climbing community respect the current bouldering closure. Climbers poaching boulders in closed areas could risk longer or permanent closures for the entire community.

We thank the Catoctin Mountain Park staff for being willing to open up a discussion about future bouldering access, and area climbers for respecting the current closures so that we can continue to have this dialogue. Please check back for updates, and feel free to contact us with any questions.