MULCH-fest 2012 aka the Carderock Adopt-a-Crag

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National Public Lands Day / Adopt-a-Crag at Carderock, MD  
Saturday, September 29th, 2012. 
8am – noon

This year’s Adopt-a-Crag coincides with National Public Lands Day. Our efforts to preserve our local climbing resource will be mirrored by hundreds of projects and thousands of volunteers all across the country.  Carderock is one of the most used climbing areas in our region, and every year it needs some TLC to help maintain the trails and reduce human impact. 

One of the major projects we do, is the mulching of the access trails along the top and base of the cliff. This work helps to funnel human impact onto trails and helps to reduce soil compaction.  We will also have volunteers working on other trail work projects at the park – but we need your help!


 After a morning of hard work, Earthtreks Climbing Centers is sponsoring a free BBQ and Mid Atlantic Climbers will be raffling away goodies for our volunteers.

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