Crag Stewards oversee the planning and execution of an Adopt-a-Crag at his/her designated crag. These events help take care of our local climbing areas, as well as maintain our relationship with the land managers to ensure access. The scope and size of these events vary from crag to crag. Planning involves coordinating with the relevant land manager, potential team leads, and possibly any other organizations that may be involved.

Adopt-a-Crags are not the sole responsibility of the Crag Steward. The steward receives support from various others in Mid Atlantic Climbers, but spearheads efforts. New Crag Stewards will at first be paired with someone(s) with prior Adopt-a-Crag planning experience.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Plan and implement at least one Adopt a Crag event per season.
  • Assist at least one other Adopt-a-Crag per season.
  • Coordinate with various groups and individuals such as land manager, team leads, and other relevant organizations and companies to develop work plan and event details for an event.
  • Work with MAC Communications Team to advertise and recruit volunteers for events.
  • Reports directly to Stewardship Director during event planning, as well as with a post-event wrap-up.

Time Commitment

  • 2 event minimum per season (one lead, one assist).
  • 2-4 hours of commitment per week during planning (starting approximately two months prior), gradually increasing closer to the event.
  • minimal hours of commitment during off season.
  • Regular communication with Stewardship Director is required.
  • Potential attendance at 1-2 board meetings prior to event.