Image of man bouldering at Hooes Road boulder with graffiti

Springfield Boulders is a small bouldering crag located near Accotink Creek. Located in Fairfax County, this urban crag is a popular spot for local boulderers.  We had our first event at Springfield Boulders in December of 2022 and made great progress on tackling the graffiti there as well as glass shard and trash clean up. This will be our second event there and we will be returning once again (with an improved graffiti removal process) to work on round 2 of graffiti removal!  Please join us in addressing the trash and graffiti issues at this local spot.

Please note that we have a maximum of 12 people at this event and you must be 18 or older to attend.  If you find out later that you can no longer attend, please contact us so we can make the spot available for someone else.

Registration in advance is required – register here!


  • Registration + Waivers: 8:30am
  • Project work: 9am-12pm

Where To Meet/How To Get There:

Due to the limited parking available, we’ll be meeting at the Hooes Road Park parking area and carpooling the short distance to the pull off for Springfield Boulders.

Click here to find us on Google Maps.

Once we arrive, it is a short few minute walk along the side of the road from the parking pulloff to the crag.

What We’ll be Doing:

The primary focus of this project graffiti removal using Elephant Snot, scrubbing the paint with provided brushes, and using a pressure washer to remove the paint & product. We will be using a dropcloth to prevent runoff into the nearby stream. We will also be picking up trash around the crag and removing any broken glass we find.

What to Bring:

Because this is a graffiti project, wear clothing you don’t mind getting dirty in.  We recommend long pants and long sleeves, as some volunteers have reported minor skin irritation due to prolonged skin contact with the graffiti removal product we will be using. We provide all PPE (goggles, gloves, masks) but if you have your own working gloves in your preferred size, please bring them along.

  • Food and water for the day
  • Good sturdy boots
  • Long pants, long sleeve shirt
  • Working gloves (if you have them)


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Register here.