Help protect and conserve our region’s climbing resources, and at the same time become part of America’s most effective climbing access and conservation community!

For just $50, you can join and support both Mid Atlantic Climbers and the Access Fund, a national climbing organization dedicated to protecting climbing access.  Just click the Join/Renew button below, and make sure to click the joint member box and select Mid Atlantic Climbers [Note: VERY Important] from the drop-down menu!

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Why Join?

Unlike deciding where to place gear, joining Mid Atlantic Climbers is a pretty brainless decision for anyone who cares about protecting our region’s climbing areas and preserving climbing access.  Your membership will:


Help fund Adopt a Crags throughout the region (6-8 a year), which provide volunteer opportunities for local climbers, assist to maintain good relationships between climbers and land managers, and keep our area crags nice and beautiful.


Mid Atlantic Climbers works with local land managers to maintain and procure climbing access.  There is strength in numbers: the more members we have, the more powerful our voice will be when local climbing access is threatened.


Mid Atlantic Climbers educates the local climbing community about Leave No Trace and other practices that will help climbers become responsible stewards of the crags we love.

Join Mid Atlantic Climbers today!